5 Massage Tricks to Get Your Girl Going

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It’s somewhat fascinating how many guys out there don’t see the big picture when it comes to satisfying their ladies. Grunting and groaning in the gym to build big pecs and buying fancy material things will only get you so far. In fact, that’s all a bunch of smoke and mirrors hidden beneath several layers of fluff.

In the big picture, you’ve really done nothing more than build a big paper foundation to sit your house upon. Sooner or later it’s going to collapse. Your girl is more interested in how you can make her feel inside and out.

Instead of wasting your time on the bling and iron, you should be more focused on her sweet, smooth, sexy skin. That’s right. Nothing will melt a girl’s heart more or turn her into a bowl of mashed potatoes faster than a nice sensual massage. If you need some help with this craft, pay close attention to these helpful tricks of the trade.

Don’t go right for the bullseye

Think of your girl as a carpentry project. You don’t set up shop and expect to have a house built in a mere 30 seconds. You need to survey the land, do some landscaping and then start construction. By the time the project is done, you’ll have a beautiful home to walk into.

Now apply that concept to your girl. Yes you are horny and you want to put your hands down her pants and massage the holiest of holes, but women need to be tuned up. They need an emotional connection and unless they look you right in the eye and specifically make a request, they DO NOT want a quickie!

They would much rather you take your time, adore them and make them feel wanted and loved. It’s really not that much of a complicated game plan. Follow that simple rule and you will strike gold!

To begin, focus your attention more on the shoulders and back before even thinking about the vagina. The more you stay away, the more it will drive her crazy! Also, start with her fully dressed and then slowly peel her clothes off, one item at a time. But stop with the bra and panties. Remember, you want to use psychology here.

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Use the right amount of pressure

This is important. Treat your massage like an interval workout where you alternate back and forth from high to low intensity. In this sense, you will be alternating back and forth from light to hard pressure. You’re going to have to feel this out a bit too.

Your girl might like it really hard and she might like it moderate. There is nothing wrong you can do here other than not pay enough attention to her. Always default back to doing whatever makes her feel good. This is why a strategy of alternating back and forth between hard to light pressure is good. You will be able to judge her reaction to your pressure and then start leaning more towards what she seems to like best.

In that vane, 9 times out of 10 your girl will like the fingernail trick. This takes place when you brush the tips of your fingers up and down her bare back with very light pressure. It excites the nerve endings in the skin like nothing else. Just make sure the windows are closed when you do this because you are all but guaranteed to hear her moan with ecstasy.  

Hit the right spots

Don’t be limited to one area. You have an entire woman in front of you for god’s sake! Use her to your advantage. Once you’ve spent some time massaging her back and shoulders, slowly work your way down to her buttocks, then legs, then calves and feet. Be careful if she’s ticklish too!

Then flip her over and massage all of her outlying areas. This means stay away from her schmeebs and vagina. Remember the bullseye theory. You want her to beg you to touch her in all the right places. Be patient hombre!

Whatever you do, don’t forget to massage her head! You would be shocked at how good this feels for a woman and how much it turns her on. Run your fingers through her hair and lightly place them on her scalp. Move them around in circular patterns and listen to the faint gasps of satisfaction spew from her gaped open mouth. You’re welcome!

If you haven’t done so at this point, feel free to remove the remains of her garments. If you like to get creative, use your teeth or utilise some other ritual that won’t freak her out.

Use your wood to your advantage

There’s a better than average chance that you will get extremely turned on while you give her a massage. This could play out in your favor big time. The more you get turned on, the more she will get turned on. If she feels a hard object pressing against her buttocks in the shape of a penis while you’re massaging her, you can bet the last nickel in your pocket that she’ll be turned on like a row of Christmas lights hanging from a rain gutter.

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Whisper in her ear

If you really want to turn your girl on, try this trick. Once you have her all worked up from your masterful massaging skills, whisper to her all the things you are going to do to her. Then tell her you have to leave, and get up and walk out of the room. Not only do women love being massaged, they also love being teased. Some don’t like to admit it but they do.

Don’t leave too long though because you don’t want to make her mad and you don’t want her to cool down. Then come back into the room and go right for the bullseye areas with all guns blazing!


Don’t worry if you are not great at first. Your girl will just be thrilled that you’re making an effort to please her. Practice as much as you can and you will get better. And you most likely won’t have to twist your girl’s arm if you want to make her feel good.

Always remember – practice perfectly and you will perfect your practice.  Best case scenario is you become good enough to literally make her orgasm without penetration or oral. If you can pull this off, pat yourself on the back and consider yourself a master. Well done brother!

What tips do you have for performing a great massage on a woman? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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