5 Signs She Might Just Be – The One

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Not many things hit the spot more than having success, a career you love and the feeling of security that comes with it. But all the success, money and fast cars in the world can’t quite fill the void that a good woman can.

The problem is, floozies are a dime a dozen and they come and go faster than the stock market rises and falls. So how do you know if the current woman you are with is “The One?” Look for these 5 signs to discover whether you’ll live happily ever after with this one.

  1. She satisfies you in bed.


Dance around the topic all you want, but it’s true. If she doesn’t meet your expectations in bed, then you’ve got nothing. This doesn’t mean she needs to be a pornstar and it doesn’t mean you do either, so drop the ego a couple of notches. But you both have needs it takes two compatible people to enjoy a really satisfying sex life.

If you can’t get enough time under the sheets and you dream all day about being there with her when you’re not, then she just might be the one.

  1. You get that squishy feeling in your gut when you think about her.

You know that feeling. It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon, you’re at work and you start getting soft inside just thinking about your girl. You may even experience that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling coupled with a bit of a tingling sensation down below.

Even though you may have four hours of distance between you and your next rendezvous with her, you still can’t wait to see her. That’s a very good sign she’s the one, and this is a very exciting place to be.

Just be aware that you have a job to do too. Getting fired due to excessive daydreaming or getting caught with your cock in your hand in the bathroom whilst fantasizing is not exactly going to further your relationship along. Treat it like the sun. Get a comforting, warm feeling, then go about your business as usual.

  1. You can’t sleep.


The only time in life that lack of sleep is a good thing is when you are either A) getting laid B) in love or C) working on a project that has a high return on investment. None of these are a bad thing but options A and B are the ones you want to particularly zero in on.

Hopefully if you are getting laid it’s with the one you can’t stop thinking about, which blends into option B. If you’re lying in bed tossing and turning, thinking about your woman, then there is a good chance you’re in love. If you are in love, then she’s obviously the one.

Despite the fact you may be sleep deprived, you’ll also feel like superman and it’ll have little effect on your work or life performance because you’ll be so happy.

In times like these, you have an amazing ability to survive on little sleep and still be functional. Consider this a good thing and an additional sign that she is the one. Ahhh… Joanie loves Chachi.

  1. Your appetite is altered.

Emotional eaters are a dime a dozen. People look for comfort through the medium of food all the time and this has quickly contributed to an obesity epidemic. But on a happier note, the way you eat can also be affected by the girl you love. The correct word is “altered” because your diet can go one of two directions.

First of all, you may lose your appetite if you can’t stop thinking about her. This is more rare but definitely possible. A more likely scenario is you clean your diet up and eat a lot healthier. Why? Because image means a lot and you want to look good naked.

If you continue to pound down beers and cheese fries while watching the latest rugby tournament, you run the risk of getting fat and turning her off. You can’t risk that happening, so if you even suspect that she’s the one, you’re going to want to stay or get in as good a shape as possible and make the necessary sacrifices at the dinner table.

This may just slowly happen without you even thinking about it until you’re fully obsessed with your diet and appearance. The day you recognize this is the day reality hits that you’ve found her.

  1. Your mind is in the clouds.

Happy in love

Inability to concentrate on the most simple of tasks comes easy to a lot of people for one reason or another. But if you are finding this is the case in your life when it never was before, it could be because of the woman you’re with. Under normal circumstances, this is a bad thing, but if she is the one it’s just par for the course.

Surrender to it and come to the realization that a woman has melted your heart. The end result will be wonderful because love has magical powers that cannot easily be described or defined. This is the part where you have to take a chance and become vulnerable. Yes it might be hard, but it’s a mandatory step if she really is the woman of your dreams.

Closing comments

Hopefully by now you have a really good idea if she’s the one. Pay attention to the signs and you can quickly have the answer. Is she’s not currently the one but you still like being with her, give it some time and feel out the situation. Sometimes it takes a little while for these things to develop. You wouldn’t want to put the kibosh on something wonderful that just needs a little time to blossom.