6 Ways to Last Longer in Bed

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Fellas, this is a touchy subject that most you would never discuss with your compadres at the bar: how to last longer in bed. Hell, you probably feel embarrassed even reading this article. But don’t fret because you are not alone. Besides erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory problems are the most common sexual problem that men deal with as they age. But while Viagra is helping those guys with erectile issues, there isn’t any medication that helps “fast cummers.” Once again, don’t fret! Here are six  natural ways to ensure your partner climaxes before you do.

1. Quit being your biggest critic

“Damn, I really suck at sex.” If that sounds like you, stop that! Self-hate only leads to exacerbating your ejaculatory issue. Want to know a secret? 99.9% of guys who are (or have been) sexually active on a regular basis have cum too fast before. Don’t let these porno flicks fool you. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, it just feels too damn good. So instead of criticizing yourself, tell yourself you will get better. Besides, that’s why you’re reading this article.

2. Think about something non-sexual

An old-school tactic that works is focusing on anything but sex. Some sex experts say this could lead to not feeling a connection with your partner. Maybe this is true for some guys. However, speaking from experience, thinking about “football, lions, zebras, and polka dots” sure helps me last longer. Yes, I know it’s weird, but at least give it a try.

3. First, oral pleasure

Your penis isn’t the only thing that can provide her an orgasm. Using your tongue can help send your partner into a frenzy too. Starting with oral sex sets her up to climax in less time when you do switch to intercourse.

4. Don’t drink too much prior to sex

Drinking a ton of liquid prior to sex can easily affect your sexual performance. Think about it. The urge to pee like a racehorse while engaging in sex is not a good combination and definitely won’t help you last longer in bed. 

5. Tease her

Let’s be honest, fellas. When it feels good, it’s hard to stop. But when you’re cumming too fast too often, it is time to tease her. Simply take your penis out and rub the head up, down and between her labia (the outside of her vagina). The labia have a plethora of nerve endings that provides pleasure for her. Now you know how you can tease her to please her!

6. Slooooow dowwwn

This last step is pretty self-explanatory. Slowing down your strokes makes it a thousand times easier to last longer in bed. Besides, according to sex experts, sex at a slower pace leads to a more connected experience for both people. Makes sense, since you will be “connected” longer in her.