Are You an Alpha Male?

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In this post, SizeGenetics gives you a true definition of what it means to be an alpha male…  and gives you the low-down on how to become one.

The term “alpha male” is often used to describe the type of man who gets ahead in life. Guys who succeed in their career and in their personal lives have strong alpha male characteristics that help them to achieve their true potential in whatever they choose to do, and they enjoy a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in life as a result. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The really good news is that alpha male characteristics are not just something some guys happen to have while others don’t, every guy can learn how to bring his own alpha male characteristics to the fore and learn how to use them to realise his own true potential. The key to success is to understand the true alpha male meaning and to avoid the mistakes guys make when they fall into the trap of believing it means something else.

If you’re a guy in search of “alpha male” meaning, you’re probably searching for the “something” that you think is missing in your life. You perhaps see other guys getting ahead in their careers while you struggle to get any kind of promotion, and you perhaps see other guys enjoying effortless success with women while you struggle to meet women, let alone get a girlfriend. You want to know what those guys have that you don’t, right? Unfortunately, this is when mistakes are easily made. TV advertising, movies, sitcoms, magazine ads’ and billboards all send out false messages about what it takes to be the guy who gets the promotion and “gets the girl”!     

An Alpha Male is Not …

Loud – how many times do you see the “loud” guy in the group of friends on TV being the “popular” guy? How many times do you see the guy who “shouts down” others in the boardroom not only getting the lucrative business contract but also “the girl” in the movies? The “winners” in life are more often than not portrayed as the loud, pushy guys who don’t let anyone get in the way of their success. If you’re not a “loud” guy and it’s not in your nature to draw attention to yourself with loud, outrageous, or bold behaviour, you’re left wondering if you’ll ever get what you want in life, right?

“Bad” – the “loud” guys are often the “life and soul of the party” guys who always seem to have women fighting over them. In the movies, they’re usually the “cool” guys who dangle women on strings like puppets and adopt a “treat ‘em mean to keep ‘em keen” philosophy. If you’re a guy who considers himself a “nice guy” or a romantic guy, you’re left wondering if it’s true that women prefer “bad boys” and if you’re going to need a personality transplant to be able to attract women!

bad guy

Flashy – the guys that women “drool” over in TV and billboard ads’ are either tall dark and handsome, ripped, or driving a flash sports car, right? In fact, they’re usually wearing some kind of designer clothing, sporting a high fashion hairstyle and displaying expensive bling, so if you’re an average-looking guy, you’re left wondering if you’re always going to be overlooked in life, and if plastic surgery and winning the lottery is your only hope of finding happiness!  

C’mon guys, none of the above has any bearing on whether a man is an alpha male or not, and success is never the result of how you look or what brand of clothing you wear. The true alpha male meaning is found in “who” you are as a man, not in “what” you are in terms of outward appearances or material possessions. Of course, the irony of it is that you need to be an alpha male to see through all of the false advertising and not get hung-up on what you think you don’t have compared to other guys!

A true alpha male has …

Confidence – being loud and being confident are not one and the same. True confidence is an inner confidence that comes from knowing who you are and believing in yourself as the man you are. In reality, the louder a guy is, the more likely it is that he’s putting on a front to hide his lack of self-confidence and to disguise his insecurities. True alpha males get ahead in life because they have genuine belief in their ability to achieve, and they go after what they want without fear of failure or rejection. They deal with setbacks because they know they have the capacity to learn from their experiences and to become a better man as a result.

confident male  

Masculinity – being masculine is not being loud in a chest-beating sort of way or being a “bad boy” who treats women as playthings. However, women appear to be attracted to these types of guys simply because they have to make-do with them! Women want a truly masculine man, an alpha male who knows how to make her feel like a woman, but they’re hard to find. While she’s waiting for a “real man” to come along, she makes-do with the best option that’s available to her – the “bad boys.” True alpha males have true masculinity that women instinctively recognise in a man through the way he handles himself and others. He’s not a “bad guy,” he’s a strong “good guy.”

Social Intelligence – an important element of getting ahead in life, whether it’s work or personal, is being a man who communicates well with others. Alpha males have a charismatic charm that makes them natural leaders; they earn the respect of other men and women love men who are in demand. A man who has what it takes to lead others is a man who has what it takes to protect her and lead the way in a relationship. She wants to feel protected, and it’s a feeling that is absolutely nothing to do with how a guy looks, what car he drives, or anything else that can be seen on the outside, but everything to do with who he is as a man on the inside.  

So there you have it; true alpha males have true confidence that comes from the inside, but how do you get that confidence? SizeGenetics can help. When you feel good about your body, your inner confidence shines through… and women are going to notice!