Ever fancied joining the Mile High Club? 5 Steps to Turn Fantasy into Reality

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Whatever your sexual fantasy may be, SizeGenetics can help you to make it a reality. In this post, we give you the low-down on how to join the Mile High Club.

“The term ‘Mile High Club’ refers to two people engaging in sexual activity (sexual intercourse) at an altitude of no less than 5,280 ft (a mile above the earth) in an airplane: It beats First-Class by a mile!” – Mile High Club

According to the official Mile High Club website – milehighclub.com – the founding member of ‘the club’ was Lawrence Sperry, a “daredevil pilot, mechanical genius, and inventor of the automatic pilot.” Ironically, it was his invention, one of many, that led to him unwittingly become the unofficial founding member of what is known as the Mile High Club today.

Daring Do

In 1916, Sperry was giving flying lessons to Mrs Waldo Polk, a New York socialite when something went wrong with the plane on a flight over New York and it plunged into the South Bay. Two duck hunters paddled out to the wreck and rescued the occupants who had miraculously survived unscathed but both were naked. It’s reported that Sperry explained their lack of clothing by saying the crash had “divested” them of their clothes but as a well-known ‘playboy’, the press reported otherwise with the newspaper heading: Aerial Petting – Ends In Wetting.

Not So Daring Do

Anyone wishing to become a fully-fledged member of the Mile High Club today can simply book a flight designed for that very purpose! An industry that began in the US is now spreading its wings into other parts of the world with an increasing number of private companies offering ‘romantic flights’ for couples. Their target market is those who’ve always fantasised about joining the Mile High Club but have never relished the idea of squeezing into a tiny airplane toilet cubicle or of being caught in the act by cabin crew. The flights take you and your partner up to the regulation height of 5280 feet and then keep you there for anything between 30 minutes to an hour depending on whether you book the ‘quickie’ or the ‘deluxe’ package. Varying degrees of luxury are provided to add to the experience and one Atlanta-based company says, “…a bottle of champagne is included, a certificate of your accomplishment and you get to keep your sheet as a souvenir of this special event.”

Celebrity Doers

Self-confessed celebrity members of the Club are Janet Jackson, Pamela Anderson, and Sir Richard Branson. Interestingly, having sex in a toilet to which the public have access is a criminal offence in the UK but we can safely assume that Sir Richard, owner of Virgin Atlantic Airlines, gained his membership in slightly more luxurious surroundings. In the past, Reese Witherspoon was alleged to have joined the Mile High Club with Jake Gyllenhaal after spending 11 minutes together in a first-class toilet, and Ralph Fiennes found himself splashed all over the tabloids after an alleged 15 minutes spent in an aircraft toilet with a member of the cabin crew. However, some years ago a British couple were charged with outraging public decency on an American Airlines flight from the US to the UK, and subsequently fined, after having sex in their seats. So, although the ‘danger’ of being caught in the act is all part of the thrill, make sure you don’t become a celebrity for all the wrong reasons!           

5 Steps to Joining the Mile High Club

Join the Mile High Club

1. Decide how daring you want to be!

If you already have a willing partner, decide whether you want to charter your own ‘mile high’ flight or whether you want to go the more traditional route of booking yourselves onto a ‘red-eye’ flight and taking a chance. If you’re going for the first option, joining the Mile High Club is pretty much a two-step process – book your flight and go for it! But, if you’re going for the second option, it’s going to take a little more ingenuity to be able to claim membership. Of course, you may choose to go for the ultimate fantasy and join the Club with someone you meet for the first time on your flight!

2. Book a long-haul flight

Long-haul flights and overnight or red-eye flights offer the most potential in terms of being able to sneak into the toilet cubicle unnoticed or to find you have relatively few other passengers sharing the flight Quiet flights provide an obvious advantage but overnight flights also provide an opportunity to get ‘close’ under your blankets when the rest of the passengers are asleep.

3. Move seats if you can

If there are spare seats available on your flight, take advantage of any empty side-by-side seats at the back of the plane. There’s less chance of being caught with less people around you and if you can get tucked away in a window seat there’s less chance of being interrupted by cabin crew as they move up and down the aisles. Of course, if you’re looking for an adventurous stranger to join you, you’ll need to make sure you’re sitting next to them to be able to strike up a suggestive conversation.

4. Choose your moment carefully

If you’re planning to sneak into the toilet cubicle, make sure to choose your moment carefully. Other people are going to want to use the facility so it’s best to avoid busy times such as after a meal or just after the captain has announced the beginning of your descent into landing. If you’re planning a close encounter under your blankets, wait for that quiet time when the cabin lights are dimmed and everyone tries to get some shut-eye before reaching your destination. This is also a quiet time for cabin crew so they’re less likely to be ‘prowling’ around.

5. Claim your membership!

You may choose to keep your initiation into the Club a special secret between you and your partner but if you feel like telling the world about it, you can post your experience on the Mile High Club website for all to read. There’s also a range of official merchandise available, allowing you to advertise your member status with everything from a key-ring to a T-shirt. Doesn’t that put a whole new slant on “been there, done that, got the T-shirt!”?