SizeGenetics™ is the only clinically proven penis enlargement product offering you a massive 2,800 grams of tension. That’s almost 50% more than other leading devices!

  • Clinically proven device
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  • Massive 2,800 grams of tension
  • Advanced comfort system
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Extreme Results, Comfortable & Safe

2800 Grams of Tension

SizeGenetics™ offers the most extreme but safe device…Read More

Extremely Comfortable

More comfort = more use = faster and bigger gains…Read More

Developed with 3M

To improve SizeGenetics™ further we teamed up with 3M…Read More

6 Month Guarantee

Purchase your SizeGenetics™ system with 100% confidence…Read More

The most extreme but safe device on the market


SizeGenetics™ is the most extreme but safe penis enlargement device on the market today. With a massive 2,800 grams of tension, our team have pushed traction technology to new limits, bringing you the most effective results possible.

Devices with a higher tension give you better results, and our scientists from Denmark and the USA have developed a penis extender that gives you more tension, and bigger and better results than any other product available.

We couldn’t push tension higher even if we wanted, because your safety is our priority. Unlike products manufactured in China, our strict production standards mean our traction devices are safe for you to use, allowing you to enlarge your penis with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Don’t risk damaging your penis with inferior extenders claiming tension over 2,000g imported from sub-standard Chinese manufacturers.

SizeGenetics™ has undergone years of evolution and ongoing research and development to bring you the most extreme but safe device – meaning you can trust the SizeGenetics™ extender to safely and effectively enlarge your penis by inches.

The most comfortable device on the market


More comfort = more use = faster and bigger gains.

SizeGenetics™ doesn’t just give you the most tension and the best results; it’s also the most comfortable device you’ll ever use.

Our advanced comfort system allows you to quickly and easily customise your device to wear it in the way that is most comfortable for you. With 58 different ways to use the comfort system, you won’t fail to find the perfect fit for you. The SizeGenetics™ device fits all penis sizes and shapes, and will adjust to fit yours perfectly, giving you a more comfortable experience than any other device.

To improve your SizeGenetics™ experience even more, we teamed up with globally trusted health care leaders 3M, taking advantage of their innovative technologies to develop our unique 3M advanced comfort plasters.

Worn under your device to prevent rubbing and slippage, the plasters will make your SizeGenetics™ experience so comfortable you’ll hardly even notice you’re wearing it!

Buy SizeGenetics™ now and get huge results with the most comfortable device on the market today!

Choose SizeGenetics™ 100% Risk Free

You can purchase your SizeGenetics™ system with 100% confidence you are getting the highest quality, safest and most effective penis extender available.

How? Because we offer you a double money back guarantee.

We are so confident you will enlarge your penis with the SizeGenetics™ device that if you don’t see results, simply get in touch and we’ll refund you the purchase price.

SizeGenetics™ works. It’s been clinically tested, endorsed by medical doctors, and we have thousands of testimonials from men just like you who have successfully enlarged their penises by inches with the SizeGenetics™ device.

Take a look at these real results from some of our genuine customer testimonials to see how much you could soon be enlarging your penis by!

Real results or your money back

SizeGenetics™ has been selling penis enlargement products for over 18 years. Made by US and Danish doctors, SizeGenetics™ is the most extreme yet safe device on the market today.

SizeGenetics™ is the only penis enlargement device to show you real customer results, and is backed up by a double money back promise.

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