Peyronie’s Disease Home Treatment

Men are understandably protective of their genitalia. These organs are sensitive and offer a sense of pride when it comes to their size and function. If you develop an ailment in the penile area, however, taking care of the issue is a priority. There are many ailments that can affect the penile tissue, including Peyronie’s disease. Learn more about this ailment and options for its treatment. SizeGenetics is a product that can truly make a difference in your recovery.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease affects thousands of men. It’s characterized by fibrous scar tissue that develops on one or multiple sides of the penis. This ailment isn’t associated with cancer, but the growths can cause concern.
The symptoms of Peyronie’s disease may be subtle at first. You might feel a hardened section on the shaft one day. It doesn’t grow at record speed, but it does enlarge over time. As this scar tissue develops, you might experience penis curvature or even pain. Some men report that sexual intercourse becomes a chore with painful erections.
Seeking out home remedies for Peyronie’s disease is only natural at this point. SizeGenetics offers a device that can support a straighter, longer and wider shaft. Following the product’s directions can give you the relief that you desire.

Possible Causes

There are several causes that contribute to Peyronie’s disease. Injury, such as penile fracture, may have occurred years ago. The body responds by producing fibrous tissue to repair the area. The result is a bulge along the shaft that can add to erectile dysfunction.
A healthy penis has an elastic stretch to its tissues. Any fibrous growths tend to be nonelastic. As the shaft encounters stimulation, painful erections can happen because the tissue’s elasticity is compromised.
Other causes of Peyronie’s disease include heredity and age. Older men with a family history of penile growths may exhibit the same issues. Peyronie’s disease self treatment is a smart way to deal with the issue in a discreet manner. SizeGenetics offers this type of home solution.

Catching the Disease in the Early Stages​

Peyronie’s disease natural treatment begins by starting early. Fibrous tissue that’s just barely forming is the easiest to treat. Your sexual health hasn’t been affected too much at this point, and any penile curvature is minimal.
Perform a weekly examination on your body so that you know if Peyronie’s disease is developing in the first place. Any shaft growths should be carefully examined. You may want to bring the growths to the attention of your doctor. The early stages are how to get rid of Peyronie’s disease at home. Traction devices, including SizeGenetics, can prevent further shortening and curving of the shaft when the growths aren’t too large. Be diligent about your examinations. Ignoring any unusual tissue can lead to worsening problems, such as poor erectile function.

How to Get Rid of Peyronie’s Disease at Home

Treating Peyronie’s disease begins with traction devices. Traction refers to a stretching process on the human body. In general, it aligns and stimulates the tissue to develop healthy cells. Traction devices for the genitalia will gently tug on the tissue, which encourages body reactions. Cells undergo a process called cytokinesis, and this reaction leads to new cells being made by the body.
Healthy cells contribute to a straighter, wider and longer penis. Your Peyronie’s disease symptoms can abate over time as the traction influences cellular activity. SizeGenetics is a product that uses the traction concept with real results. You can perform home treatment with no pain or discomfort associated with the practice.

Exploring SizeGenetics​

You don’t have to rely solely on a visit to the doctor’s office or specialist in order to reverse this ailment on your own. In fact, Peyronie’s disease home treatment is extremely simple with SizeGenetics. This device places your shaft into a controlled stretch so that the fibrous tissue’s effects are minimized. There’s really no effort on your part. Place the device onto the penis, and follow the directions.
It’s possible to wear SizeGenetics around the house as you go about your day. Wear loose-fitting pants so that the device remains free to move with your body. You’ll basically feel a tugging on the organ, but no other sensations will impede your movements. Traction is meant to help and not hurt the person’s tissues.

Using the Device​

SizeGenetics comes as a complete kit for all your traction needs. There’s no need to buy additional accessories. Familiarize yourself with the components, including the adjustable rods and two cradles. The only parts that actually come into contact with the shaft are the comfortable cradles. One cradle slide near the shaft’s base with the other section close to the penis tip.
Connect the rods between the cradles so that they offer a gentle, tugging sensation. Ideally, begin with the rods fully collapsed and slowly extend them to the proper length. The system comes with detailed instructions, which allows any man with Peyronie’s disease to benefit from the traction action.

Giving the Process Time​

The device’s instructions give you plenty of usage tips. Beginning with short, treatment times is a smart way to start. Your body needs time to get used to the traction sensation. Remind yourself that treating this ailment will take considerable time. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the treatment to take one to two months. This period is a long enough time where you should see some changes to the shaft. The curvature should be noticeably straighter, for instance. The device serves you well when it’s applied to the shaft each day for progressively longer time periods. Measure yourself so that you can see the changes in real time too.

Following up With Your Doctor

Because Peyronie’s disease is a medical diagnosis, it’s a good idea to follow up with your doctor as the home treatment progresses. Describe the process to the doctor, and even bring the system to an appointment. Your doctor can compare the genitalia’s size and shape from past records until now. He or she can let you know if the tissue is still healthy enough to continue with home treatment. In most cases, doctors typically agree with the traction method. They often have similar procedures available, but SizeGenetics is a product that can be used over and over again until you’re happy with the results.

Understanding the Alternatives

If you’re still wary about using traction as a viable solution, consider the alternatives. Doctors might suggest injections that treat the growths in other ways. This treatment involves regular visits and needles in sensitive areas. Extreme cases may encourage talk about surgery to remove the growths. Although these are certainly rare cases, allowing the growths to develop without any treatment can lead to a surgical decision.
Both of these alternatives are invasive and come with their own risks. SizeGenetics simply stretches the shaft’s tissue over time. It’s one of the most noninvasive and safe ways to relieve Peyronie’s disease. The process takes time, but many men feel confident about the results when they’re patient.

Researching and Trusting SizeGenetics

Don’t just purchase SizeGenetics without reading about the product first. Your Peyronies disease home treatment should be a safe and rather enjoyable process. This traction device is a medically cleared FDA product. It’s been thoroughly tested by both inspectors and everyday people.
The SizeGenetics website also gives you plenty of information about the product. Real data in the form of growing measurements is part of the site. You’ll see men’s information regarding their shaft size and shape. Explore the data as you realize how much larger, wider and straighter each organ grew over time. Traction takes a commitment on your part, but it’s a long-term solution for shaft ailments. That fibrous tissue won’t have too much influence on your size after using SizeGenetics.

Ordering With Confidence​

Any ailment associated with the genitalia is a personal matter that shouldn’t be shared with others. Dealing with its treatment is a conversation between you and your doctor for the most part. With discretion in mind, SizeGenetics offers a convenient way to order this device without any fanfare.
Every system comes in a general, shipping box with a basic, return address accompanying it. There are no large acronyms or words advertising the box’s contents. You’re welcome to order the system through the phone or Internet. Once it arrives, the case is even a discreet design. The only person who’ll know what’s inside the box is the user. Every case protects the contents so that you can use SizeGenetics for as long as necessary.
There may be many advertisements of home remedies for Peyronie’s disease today, but not every product is effective. SizeGenetics is a trusted and tested product with real results for men across the globe. Do your own research, try it out and watch the treatment work on your penile curvature. Boost your health and confidence with SizeGenetics as a clever resource in your personal toolbox.

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