SizeGenetics™ removes all the risk from buying a penis enlargement device. It’s been clinically tested and proven to work, so you can purchase with full confidence that SizeGenetics™ will extend your penis safely and effectively.

Our double money back guarantee promises that your SizeGenetics™ will work for you or we’ll refund you your full purchase price.
You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


Your safety

Our penis extenders have been clinically tested and have been certified as a medical type one device. Use SizeGenetics™ as instructed and you should never experience an injury.

Penis Extension

We firmly believe that SizeGenetics™ is the most effective penis extender device available on the market. We are backed by clinical testing, doctor endorsements, years of research and real user testimonials, proving that it can work for everyone, including you!

High quality

Don’t settle for a cheaper, inferior device that can at best, break during use and cost you a small fortune in spare parts, or at worst, seriously injure your penis. SizeGenetics™ is manufactured to the highest standards using the finest quality materials, and every single device must pass our strict quality testing before it is allowed to be sold.


You’ll find our money back guarantee really simple, because we believe 100% that SizeGenetics™ will work for you.
Simply use your SizeGenetics™ device daily for up to 60 consecutive days (2 months). In the highly unlikely event that you don’t see any increase in the size of your penis (or improvement in the curvature of your penis if using the device to treat peyronie’s/bent penis syndrome), get in touch with us within 2 months of receiving your device to request your refund.
Why do you need to use your device for 2 months?
While many of our customers begin to see gains within the very first few weeks, the speed of results varies from person to person. By using the SizeGenetics™ device daily for 2 months, you’ll be allowing sufficient time for the device to work for you.
To qualify for a refund, you should use your SizeGenetics™ device in accordance with the instructions provided and give the device sufficient time to start seeing results:
To request your refund, simply email your request to
Please note: Every SizeGenetics™ device is disinfected and delivered to you in a sealed plastic bag. Once this bag is opened, your device cannot be returned or refunded unless you are requesting a refund under our money back guarantee terms above.
Choosing SizeGenetics™ is risk free – we guarantee you will extend your penis length (quickly and safely) or we’ll give you your money back!

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