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The majority of men want to improve their genitalia’s size or shape at some point in their lives. They take pride in this organ’s appearance. It’s only natural to want a healthy, reproductive system. However, there are many products and promises in the marketplace today that may or may not work for the average male. Penile traction therapy will often arise during an online search about shaft improvement. Explore your options for a larger and healthier penis with a look at SizeGenetics, which applies traction treatment and offers measurable results at the same time.

Men’s relationship with their genitalia

Along with this male mindset comes self-doubt in regards to size. The shaft may appear smaller than a man would prefer, for instance. In reality, most men tend to have average-sized penises ranging from three inches long when flaccid and five inches long when erect.

Along with this male mindset comes self-doubt in regards to size. The shaft may appear smaller than a man would prefer, for instance. In reality, most men tend to have average-sized penises ranging from three inches long when flaccid and five inches long when erect.

Men who want to improve their genitalia’s shape or size can turn to a penile traction device, such as SizeGenetics. Making a proactive choice to become larger is often a motivating factor in a man’s mood and libido. Being bigger below the waist is a personal choice that can happen with the latest home devices.

Feeling “low”

Your focus may be on how to make your penis bigger, but don’t overlook possible medical issues that can play a role. Consider the curve attributed to your genitalia. Keep in mind that most men have some type of curve to the shaft. It can point in nearly any direaMen who ignore their concerns about a larger or straighter penis may develop erectile function issues over time. Consider the psychological side of male sexuality. If a man doesn’t think highly of his sexual abilities, his confidence wanes. This low or depressed feeling can manifest into physical problems. In fact, the shaft may not become erect at all with worries plaguing the male’s mind.

Turning to a penile extender device may be the answer. This device offers a real solution to both physical and psychological problems. Because the man is doing something good for his body, his confidence rises. Although SizeGenetics doesn’t offer an immediate change to the shaft, the fact that the man is on his way to becoming a more well-endowed male is incentive enough to feel good. Converting the low feeling into a high is possible with a penile device used at home.

action, including up, down, left or right. You won’t notice the curve when the organ is flaccid, but it has a decidedly unique bend when erect. A subtle curve isn’t a medical issue.

Severe curves are often associated with Peyronie’s Disease. The condition’s hallmark is a shaft that’s so curved that everyday functions are impacted. Urinating and ejaculating are either difficult or painful. If you have a medical concern about your genitalia, it’s important to see a doctor before trying any over-the-counter devices on the body.

Dealing with medical challenges

Some men are dealing with more than just a casual concern about their genitalia size. Medical issues can occur in the penile area, including Peyronie’s disease. This ailment is characterized by benign growths on the side of the penile shaft. These growths don’t stretch, which means they’ll cause the shaft to bend when erect.

If you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, a penile traction therapy device can help. SizeGenetics can help the shaft straighten out with continued use. Men with this ailment may want to couple their at-home treatment with a doctor’s care. The professional can work on treating the growths so that they don’t become even larger. The traction device can complement most treatments so that men don’t have to deal with so much bend to their shafts.

What is penile traction

With so much news about traction in the media today, it makes sense to research this treatment type. Penis traction simply references the careful and controlled stretching of the penile shaft over a certain amount of time. You might be familiar with the term “traction” because it’s a real process used in the medical field to set bones. With this concept in mind, traction works on the penile tissue by stimulating it into a desired shape.

In fact, products like SizeGenetics can create a longer, wider and straighter penis. Traction merely puts controlled strain on the tissue so that it can grow in a preferred volume and position. Many medical professionals suggest traction for their patients when penile adjustments are necessary. You can take advantage of this device and concept in order to improve your genitalia’s appearance and function.

Defining phalogenic traction

Looking up traction therapy also brings up similar terms, such as phalogenic traction. This treatment falls under the category of phalogenics, which essentially centers around the male genitalia. More specifically, phalogenics often refers to the increased blood flow to the genitals during stretching treatment.

Blood rushing to any area of the body allows it to be saturated with critical nutrients, including oxygen. These nutrients support healthy tissue and its overall growth. As the penis goes through traction, the body naturally sends more blood to the area. The tissue can readily take up the nutrients, which leads to improved cellular operations and replication. Over time, the penis appears larger, wider and straighter. Although an erect penis will always have plenty of blood flow, adding traction to your daily regimen will only enhance the genitalia’s ability to grow long and strong.

Learning more about a traction device for penile growth

Men want the safest and most comfortable device for their genitalia. The shaft and surrounding tissue are naturally sensitive. SizeGenetics offers one of the most comfortable treatments in the industry. In fact, most users report a relaxing tug on their tissues as they continue with their treatment.

As a consumer, knowing about a product’s approvals in the industry is important. SizeGenetics is a medically cleared device by the FDA. It’s been sold in many countries with countless numbers of happy customers. It’s a safe way to widen, lengthen and straighten the penis without any invasive procedures. Researching SizeGenetics can lead you to the conclusion that traction devices are legitimate solutions for smaller genitalia. Trying it out would be your next step.

SizeGenetics comes in an attractive case with two cradles and adjustable rods. Start out by reading the directions and following their guidelines. You’ll get the most out of the product in this manner. The cradles support the penile shaft at the base and near the tip. Connect the rods between the cradles in order to create tension on the tissue.

Always start with the least amount of tension on the tissue. As you become comfortable with the device, increase the tension on the rods. By using a systematic approach to the treatment, you’ll stimulate the body to replicate cells. Also known as cytokinesis, cell growth contributes to a larger shaft. The body needs time to replicate cells, however, so a slow, treatment process is the best way to achieve your goals.

Keeping up with discreet use

SizeGenetics should be worn each day for progressively longer time periods. Finding time to treat your shaft with the device may seem like a challenge, but the product designers have a solution. If you’re at home, you can wear SizeGenetics as you do chores, write emails or relax on the couch. The device can be comfortably worn under loose-fitting pants. Any tension on the tissue should be comfortable enough for average movements at home.

As you get accustomed to the device, you won’t notice it as the treatment process continues. It’s meant to be a discreet way to extend your penile shaft over time. In fact, the treatment process may take one to two months until real results are available. Keep this fact in mind as you find time to wear the device and enjoy the lasting results.

Safety first

Be aware that there should be no pain involved while using SizeGenetics. Its design is meant to create a gentle sensation on the shaft with no pain. Other penis-enlargement processes may involve intense discomfort, but this device is different.

With exception of the cradles, every part of SizeGenetics is adjustable. If you feel any acute pain, adjust the rods so that they’re putting less tension on the tissue. Pain won’t achieve the results that you’re looking for anyway. The gentle stretching tells the body to react in a certain way. Pain, in contrast, only places strain on the body. This stress may actually hinder the enlargement process.

Comparing Sizegenetics with pumps

Intelligent men will usually look at several options when it comes to enlarging their genitalia. Penis pumps have been around for many years with a popular following. They’re used just before intimate acts. The pump stimulates the shaft, which leads to a larger organ on a temporary basis.

The key word in this phrase, however, is temporary. Pumps don’t offer permanent changes to the genitalia. SizeGenetics promises and delivers longer, wider and straighter shafts. The change occurs over time instead of being instantaneous with a pump. Men who’re patient with the process will see permanent results as they commit to the device.

Looking at surgery

When men have a real concern about genitalia size or curvature, an immediate thought goes to surgery. These procedures are advertised for their success and associations with qualified professionals. In some cases, surgery may be the only option. However, this scenario is usually rare.

Surgery involves a high cost, invasive procedures and substantial recovery time. The results may not be exactly what you expected either. Using a traction device, including SizeGenetics, puts you in control of your overall size and shape. There’s no recovery time because you’re simply stretching the tissue. Damaged tissue isn’t part of your treatment plan with SizeGenetics.

Compare the cost of SizeGenetics to surgery as well. This factor alone is often enough to sway a purchasing decision. No surgeons will make a decision on your body’s shape. You take the time and analyze the shaft’s shape as the device forms it into a more attractive organ.

Understanding the data

After wearing the device for one to two months, it’s time to take some measurements. The device’s manufacturers suggest this time period so that you can see the results on an average measuring tape or ruler. Remember that the human body can only replicate cells at a certain rate. In addition, every person will have a unique metabolism that influences this rate too.

It’s possible to see several millimeters or centimeters of difference after using SizeGenetics for a few months. These results are permanent, and they can still be improved if you’re looking for even more size. Consider your personal goals as you compare your new measurements to the older dimensions. Continue with the treatment as you see fit.

Increased penile length and width is possible with SizeGenetics. Be patient with the system so that you can see the measurable results. Thousands of men have used this treatment with extraordinary success. Be part of a community that knows the secret to a larger shaft. Men supporting men is just the start of a growing group who’s happy with their genitalia throughout life.

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